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Why should you consider shopping second hand!

1. Good for the environment – the fashion industry alone consumes more water than the entire United States irrigation system. Fashion industry also operates through a labour system of foreign outsourcing that lacks workers from their workplace or chemical hazards caused by the manufacturing process. Shopping second hand decreases the demand for new clothing, creating less pressure on companies to produce large quantities of clothes for profit. Shopping second hand provides the new owner with the feeling of getting something new, without the harsh demand of producing and purchasing a completely new product.

2. Saves Money – no matter what you are looking to purchase, if it is second hand, thrifted, consigned, you will be saving money! Used goods cost less than new ones, but many second-hand items are in perfect condition, and sometimes still have tags. It also gives you the opportunity to own something completely unique.

3. It is more sustainable – “Fast fashion isn’t free, someone, somewhere is paying” – Lucy Siegle. We have been seeing the world sustainable more than ever lately, especially in the time of green washing. Shopping second-hand needs to be seen as a practical consumer alternative to improve environment and protect human rights.

4. It’s a Unique Form of Self-Expression – shopping second hand means unique vintage finds. You’ll be the only one you know wearing that vintage trench coat, or 1968 Jacky Gucci bag. We don’t want to blend in over here, we want to stand out.

The luxury resale market is currently on the rise, $24 Billion market, and expected to reach $51 Billion by 2023. More than 68% of women have bought second hand or are willing to make purchases from the second-hand market, according to Thread Up’s report. The most purchased product in the luxury resale market are handbags. Luxury items are becoming more accessible to those who are not able to pay $5,000 for a brand-new purse. The luxury resale market is continuing to grow. Consumers can find rare vintage finds for a fraction of the price. And without harsh environmental effects of a brand-new bag. What could this mean for luxury retail and department stores?

We often see the term “sustainable fashion” all over the media. There is continuously more and more awareness being brought to our clothing and how, where and who made it. Customers want to purchase things that are made ethically. Many products that are made sustainability and ethically, typically cost more to purchase. Therefore, being inaccessible to many. Buying second-hand, still provides a sustainable solution. Giving that garment a second life, no carbon footprint and you get to enjoy something new to you.

Shopping on sites like The RealReal, Mine&Yours, Modaselle, Turnabout offers authentication of the product, like a luxury handbag for example. So, you know it is the real deal! Not only can you find basically any bag you could dream of… you can find classics! Last October, I got a vintage 1980 Gucci Jackie purse from The RealReal. As well as a 2000 Prada Re-Edition from Modaselle in December. I have made the commitment to never buy a luxury purse new. I don’t need to! I have endless options of unique, classics, quality, second hand garments right at my fingertips!

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